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* Waterless and heatless for a more therapeutic session and scent.

* Wireless, rechargeable by USB

* Fits in whole essential oil bottle of sizes 5/10/15/20ml

* Suitable for small areas such as car, bathroom, work desk, small    bedroom

* Fits snuggly in cup holder of cars

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Why You Need 

e38 PORTABLE NEBULISING DIFFUSER GO Functions with a rechargeable battery and wireless, the Portable Aroma Diffuser allows you to enjoy your favourite scent by diffusing aroma with an effective range of 0.5m. The embedded compact fan allows it to run without water needed, can be enjoyed conveniently during trips and in places without electric sockets. Use it when you need to refresh your daily mood, concentrate, sleep or simply wanting to create a relaxing temperament. Rechargeable with USB, the Portable Aroma Diffuser works for 8 hours after full charge. It is able to function while charging and powers off automatically with timing set. 

This waterless car essential oil diffuser adopt cold diffusion technology, converting essential oil into micro fine vapour approximately 1-3 microns without heat and water. The fragrance can cover 107-645 Sq ft in few minutes.

Wireless & Rechargeable: The cold mist atomizing diffuser built-in 2200mAh lithium battery, rechargeable and portable. Convenient to carry and suitable for home, office, studio, travel and yoga.

3 Working Modes & Auto Shut-off Function:

3 Diffusing Durations 
1) 15S: Device diffuses for 15 seconds and pauses for 2 minutes 45 seconds. 
2) 60S: Device diffuses for 60 seconds and pauses for 2 minutes. 
3) 120S: Device diffuses for 120 seconds and pauses for 1 minutes.

3 Timer Options For Auto Cut-off

1) 1H: 1 hour
2) 2H: 2 hours
3) 3H: 3 hours

If no timer is selected, device diffuses without a cut off time.

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No Heat 
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No Water
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Easy To Use

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