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Home Diffuser

Professional Grade

An object of substance and beauty, The e38 home Diffuser uses no heat or water to function keeping the essential oil in its natural state as it becomes a mist.


Non-Toxic Spread of Pure Aroma, Professional and Stylish Aromatherapy Atomizer for home or office. 

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Why You Need 

e38 home diffusers are made from handcrafted glass oil canister with a ceramic or wooden base that have some distinct advantages over the commonly used cheaper ultrasonic diffusers.


The air-pump in the body of the atomizer blows air through the top glass tube, over the suction tube that is placed in the oil reservoir. The mist of 100% pure oil makes the atomizer the most efficient transporter of essential oil as there is no other carrier than the air. This will allow the highest possible concentration of pureessential oil in the air without addition of water; the visual mist production will be much lower than water diffusers and will depend mainly on how ‘light’ the essential oil is and the ambient temperature and humidity.


Because of the utilization of glass; the essential oil will remain in its purest form for longer; the same as it was bottled. Most essential oils will dissolve plastics, for this reason your purchased bottle of essential oil will likely be packed in glass. Most cheap ultrasonic diffusers have a plastic reservoir where the water and the essential oils are mixed. Since the oil is lighter than water, it will float on the surface allowing it to contact the plastic of the reservoir in a concentrated form.


Because atomizers don't use water or heat, they will not change to composition of the essential oil and they will not release impurities that can be found in (tap) water (chlorides, fluorides etc.) Water based ultrasonic diffusers can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi; the energy from the ultrasonic membrane will cause the temperature of the water to rise and create an environment that promotes bacteria growth, particularly as the essential oil has evaporated from the water and the natural anti-bacterial features of the essential oil have dissipated.

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No Heat 
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No Water
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Easy To Use
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Non - Slip Bottom 

How To Use  

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Accompany With 

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