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Hand Sanitizer Aromatherapy

Eucalyptus | Tea Tree | Lavender

Using natural essential oils and a safe formula, it can effectively fight against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, moisturize the skin, relieve anxiety and purify the air, and effectively protect yourself and your family.

Ingredients 原料 

Eucalyptus  尤加利

Increase Mental Alertness  提神醒脑 

Relieve Nasal Problem  缓解鼻塞

Relieve Fatigue  缓解疲劳



Tea tree  茶树香

Purifying Air  净化空气  

Oil Control & Acne  控油祛痘 

Pores Control  收缩毛孔 


Lavender  薰衣草

Release Stress & better sleep  减压助眠 

Anti-inflammatory & Anti-acne  消炎 抗痘 

Stabilize & Repair Skin  镇定修复 

Widely Used For Many Scenarios


Protect Skin 呵护皮肤

Carefully choose the hand sanitizer can effectively kill bacteria. In addition, it helps to take care of our skin as it has no chemical content which will cause skin irritation & cracked skin.


仔细选择洗手液可以有效杀死细菌和病毒。此外由于它不含化学成分, 不会引起皮肤刺激和皮肤破裂, 因此有助于护理我们的皮肤, 仔细选择洗手液可以有效杀死细菌和病毒, 此外由于它不含化学成分, 不会引起皮肤刺激和皮肤破裂, 因此有助于护理我们的皮肤


Protection Kit 

Protect yourself & family from bacteria, virus & flu

1x Diffuser Glass Professional

2x Protect Essential Oils 10ml      

    ( Eucalyptus | Tea Tree | Lavender | Bergamot )

2x e38 Sanitizer Aromatherapy 20ml      

    ( Eucalyptus | Tea Tree | Lavende )     

1x 香薰仪(玻璃/专业)

2x 防护香薰精油10ml ( 尤加利, 茶树, 薰衣草, 佛手柑 )

2x e38 香薰消毒液 20ml (尤加利, 茶树, 薰衣草 )     

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Protection Kit Set

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