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eGe Boutique was conceptualized in Singapore. ​

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At EGE Boutique, we take pride in offering advanced beauty care and specialized lymphatic detox treatments. Our unique approach to beauty not only enhances outer aesthetics but also nurtures overall health and inner harmony. Services like our energy lymphatic detox are designed as deep bodily conditioning treatments, facilitating physical relaxation and mental rejuvenation for our clients.

Understanding the impact of the home environment on personal health and beauty inspired us to create the e38 aromatherapy line. More than just a home fragrance experience, our e38 aromatherapy products contribute to a harmonious and healthy household, helping to alleviate the stresses of daily life and improve the overall ambiance. These essential oils extend our comprehensive care philosophy to our clients and their families, offering all-around support for both body and mind.

At EGE Boutique, our mission is to create a holistic beauty and wellness experience through our professional beauty treatments and the e38 aromatherapy line. We are dedicated to helping every client and their family achieve balance and harmony in life, ensuring a beauty and wellness journey that nurtures both inside and out.

Signature Services 
Head & Scalp Detox 

The scalp is the highest skin of the human body and controls the elasticity of the skin throughout the body. eGe Boutique original head & scalp detox treatment, is not only promote the microcirculation of the head, so that the scalp has sufficient nutrition supply, but also can completely remove the dirt from the hair follicles and scalp, relieve the scalp caused by stress, and keep the scalp continuously firm. 


It delays the aging of the scalp, and ultimately delays the fall of the face skin caused by scalp sagging.


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