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RF Rejuvenation Therapy RF射频嫩肤疗法

  • 1 小 30 分鐘
  • 250 Singapore dollars
  • Mayo Street


RF rejuvenation therapy treatment can truly direct the root causes of various skin aging, improve wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines, correct facial contours, increase skin elasticity, remove acne marks, smooth bumps, improve pigmentation, reduce pores, and whiten , Improve the effect of eye bags and eye wrinkles and face slimming. RF射频嫩肤疗法能够真正直撃各种皮肤老化的根源, 改善皱纹、幼纹及表情纹, 修矫脸部轮廓, 增加皮肤弹性, 去暗疮印, 抚平凹凸洞, 改善色斑, 收细毛孔, 美白, 改善眼袋及眼纹和瘦脸的效果消除脂肪


  • Mayo Street

    3 Mayo Street, Singapore

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