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Neck & Shoulder Detox 肩颈排毒

  • 30 分鐘
  • 88 Singapore dollars
  • Mayo Street


In our daily routines, even using the mobile phone can cause muscle tension and tightness in our neck and shoulders. Applying pressure on the muscles around your neck and shoulders helps to reduce muscular tension and ease day-to-day stress. Benefits from getting a neck and shoulder detox. Recovery of muscle soreness, Massaging on sore areas of the body encourages increased blood flow and oxygen which helps to soothe pain, reduce inflammation, helps reduce migraines and eye strains, improve positive moods, strengthens immune system. 在我们的日常生活中,即使使用手机也会导致我们的颈部和肩部肌肉紧张和紧绷。 对颈部和肩部周围的肌肉施加压力有助于减轻肌肉紧张并缓解日常压力。 颈部和肩部排毒的好处, 恢复肌肉酸痛, 按摩身体酸痛部位可促进血流量和氧气增加, 从而有助于缓解疼痛和减少炎症, 有助于减少偏头痛和眼睛疲劳, 改善积极情绪, 增强免疫系统。


  • Mayo Street

    3 Mayo Street, Singapore

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