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MiE Bio-herbalogy Facail 米生物草本排毒

High-techhigh-energy BIO-Herbalogy facial 高科技高能量草本生物美容护理

  • 1 小 30 分鐘
  • 250 Singapore dollars
  • Mayo Street


effective penetration technology is an indispensable element in skin care products.If thepenetration technology is ineffective, no matter how good the ingredients are, they can only stay on the skin surface and not play out the product’s intended effect."MiE" champions two major technologies. MiE’s Water Injection Technology which comprises of a new generation of Hydrophilic and Lipophilic components. This effectively replenishes skin’s moisture and hydrates the skin. Moreover, the technology helps to breakdown the oil accumulated on the skin, balances the water and oil ratio to prevent oxidation of oil and hence reduces acne formation.At the same time, it helps to repair the oil barrier layer, strengthening the ability of cellwater, leaving the skin feeling fresher and more natural. 高效科技渗透技术是护肤产品不可缺少的一环。渗透技术不通,原材料再好也 只能留在皮肤表层,无法发挥产品的功效「MiE」首创两大技术。注水技术成 功是亲水基(Hydrophilic component)与亲油基(Lipophilic component) 结合的新一代科技产品,有效补充皮肤的水份,保湿,抗敏,抗氧化。打散皮 肤积聚油脂,平衡肌肤水油比例,防止油脂氧化,暗疮形成。同时修补油性隔 阻层,强化细胞水能力,令肌肤变得更清爽自然。


  • Mayo Street

    3 Mayo Street, Singapore

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