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Bird Nest Facial Treatment 燕窝脸部护理

  • 1 小 30 分鐘
  • 250 Singapore dollars
  • Mayo Street


As the name implies, Bird Nest built by swallows is the best extract for facial care. It is a compact and luxurious element that promotes skin cell regeneration and vitality. The collagen and active protein in it prevent free radicals from damaging the skin and promote Metabolism, delaying aging, reducing pigmentation, enhancing skin immunity, making skin smooth, firm and elastic, reducing wrinkles and anti-sensitivity. It is a rare precious nutrient to build elasticity and luxurious skin care. 顾名思义即燕子筑的巢, 用于面部护理的最佳提取物, 紧致奢华元素于一身,促进肌肤细胞重生及活跃的效用, 当中的胶原质与活性蛋白质,阻止自由基对肌肤的损伤, 促进新陈代谢、延缓衰老、减少色素、增强肌肤免疫能力,令肌肤光滑紧致有弹性,减少皱纹及抗敏感的作用,实在是不可多得的珍贵养份塑造弹性奢华美肌护理


  • Mayo Street

    3 Mayo Street, Singapore

    8588 0381

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